• Alexandre Hatimi

    2D/3D Animator

  • Who am I?

    I'm a 2D and 3D animator who has studied character animation at The Animation Workshop (TAW) in Denmark.


    I'm passionate about making touching, genuine stories and conveying emotions through animation. My hobbies include reading, writing and, of course, drawing.




  • My Showreel

    Thank you for watching! (You can find a 2D-oriented one here)

    Showreel Breakdown

  • "Caught In between"



    Animation from a commercial done for bryd tavsheden/break the silence.

    Dialogue animation

    Autodesk Maya


    Practice for acting and lipsynch done with a rig close to professional standards.

    "The shepherd​"



    Animation done for my upperclassmen's bachelor movie to test my ability to follow deadlines. 

    "Round Rob"



    Animation done for one of our student short films inspired by rubber hose animation.


    Autodesk Maya


    Animation done for a short movie for the National Film School of Denmark. I've chosen for it's time/animation quality ratio. 

    Trailer project : "Casablanca"

    Autodesk Maya


    Excerpt from a mock trailer group project with a more subtle and realistic animation style.

    "Chien pourri"



    Animation test for a children's book adaptation using limited animation in collaboration with La Poudrière School.


    Autodesk Maya


    An exercise I've done to practice subtle acting and conveying a story solely through it.

  • CV

    My studies and professional experiences.

    Production experience

    • 2015/2016 - Animator, pipeline manager, storyboard & story artist, The Animation Workshop

    Bachelor project : Dark dark woods        

    • 2016 - Animator, National Film School of Denmark

    Short Film project : Dagny by Peter Lopes

    • 2015 - Animator, The Animation Workshop

    Bachelor project : The Shepherd

    • 2015 - Lead Animator, The Animation Workshop

    Commercial project : Caught in between for Byrd Tavsheden/Break the silence

    • 2014 - Lead Animator, The Animation Workshop

    Trailer project : Casablanca

    • 2014 - Animator, The Animation Workshop

    Group project : Round Rob



    • Aug. 2013 - Jan. 2017 : Bachelor in Character Animation - The Animation Workshop, Viborg


    • 2008-2010 : College preparatory course in economics - Paris



    Software knowledge :

    • Autodesk Maya
    • TVpaint
    • Toonboom
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Nuke
    • Adobe After Effect

    Languages :

    • French (native)
    • English (fluent)
    • Japanese (basic)
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